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to pay tax. he would have to extend austerity measures until 2015. >> the deficit is coming down, coming down this year and every year of this parliament. yes, the deficit is far too high for comfort. we cannot relax our efforts to make our economy safe. but britain is heading in the right direction. >> money would be spent on infrastructure projects like road and rail. >> he moved on. >> those will see it rise by an average of 1%. in a similar approach of a 1% rise should apply to those in receipts of benefits. ensurefair and it will that we have a welfare system that britain can incur. >> that would cut taxes to 21%. the chancellor moved on to the topic of fuel. >> there is a 3% rise. somehow suggested that we delay it until april. i disagree. i suggest we cancel it all together. >> and finally he moved to changes to the amount people earned before paying tax. >> people will have $9,444 before paying any tax at all. this is a direct boost in the incomes of people working hard to provide for their families. it's 47 pounds next year in total of $267 pound cash next year. people working f
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)